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Roadsides is an multi-purpose initiative

Photo: Beatriz Moisset via wkimedia Commons
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Roadsides was conceived while I was on the Board of the OHA and Chair of the Conservation and Environment Committee and continues to today. it is an evolution of thinking.

Roadsides began with the idea of improving the views along our roadsides and in unused places in cities, towns and villages.

It grew to become a project using the native plants that are appropriate for the area,

and evolved into a program to assist our native bees by giving them a place to eat, to live and to breed.

A Roadsides project provides habitat for native pollinators and restores the natural biodiversity to the land one patch at a time. Your patch is needed!


Create a Roadsides project in 2021.


Seed Balls and Seed Bombing

Seed balls are little clay balls impregnated with compost and wild flower seeds. The idea behind the seed ball is that it contains all that is needed for germination and first growth. The seed ball (seed bomb) can be either placed or thrown wherever you'd like to see native plants growing. Perfect for the guerilla gardener to introduce wild flowers in unused urban spots.

Seed ball recipes: Heavy Petal, Mother Earth Living

Guerilla Gardening and Seed Bombing A video about making and using seed balls.