Some More Good Links


New study, dust of neonics spreads past fields:


Solitary Bees -- a super video from the UK on native bees. Includes some good shots of bees in nests.



Information from Delaware on native bees and native plants



12 things you can do for native bees



Bees do best with less pavement



USA guidelines for roadside plantings -- lots of super information and ideas: roadside plantings



A wonderful video about solitary bees.



Habitat highways -- growing along highways



Native plants vs cultivars of native plants



A guide to native bees in Toronto -- David Suzuki



Providing Habitat



Study of native plants vs cultivars -- More Annie White but a video



Habitat Connectivity



Buffer Zones -- protecting habitat and water quality



Sourcing Canadian seeds -- Seeds of Diversity



Native plants seedling guide -- USDA



Pollinator corridor in the USA



Wild bees affected by clothianidin



Seedling guide -- shows pictures of seedlings of native plants



York University study on bee hotels



Wild bees vs honey bees



All about neonicotinoids


bees clean themselves


Drift of chemicals can impact on bees -- Purdue.